A brief history of Junkstars

A punk band that has only existed for a few years obviously won’t have a very long history, and therefore, here’s a brief historical account of the most famous rock & roll punk band in Sweden. Hell, maybe they’re even the most rock & roll Swedish punk band in the whole world! No, cancel that — they are definitely the most rock & roll Swedish punk band in the whole known galaxy, and probably beyond.

It all began in April 2012, when Max, Bronxen, and Matte came together to play music they love. Fueled by Max’s prolific songwriting, they pumped out their first album, With A Twist of Lemon, just six months later. With legendary death metal producer Tom Skogsberg producing the album, it kicked serious ass, and featured the unique “Stockholm Sound”.

They followed their first album up quickly with their second one in 2013, the comically-titled French Hot Dog. This was their first album to be also released as a vinyl LP, to the delight of hipsters and audiophiles alike. Tom Skogsberg was replaced by Rikard Löfgren, and while this up-and-coming young producer didn’t feature a pedigree as impressive as Skogberg’s, the album rocked just as hard, if not harder.

Around the same time, the band started touring relentlessly throughout Europe in an effort to take the continent by storm. This not only helped to market their second album, but also created a great demand for new music. Still, there would be a wait of another year before a new album would emerge.

Finally, after their touring schedule relaxed a little bit, the band got back to writing. They released their third album, This Means War, in 2015. They got straight back to touring, though, joined by Backyard Babies on their journey through Europe, and then hit the summer festival circuit hard to bring the rock & roll legacy to the world.

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