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Since signing a recording deal with Stockholm-based indie label Despotz Records in 2012, Junkstars has released three albums. The first album, With a Twist of Lemon, was released on CD alone in 2012. After that, they started to capitalise on the vinyl revival and released LP versions of their following two albums. In 2013, French Hot Dog, their second album, was released on both CD and LP. Following its success, they released a limited edition green LP edition of their third album, This Means War, in 2015, alongside the CD edition. There was also a paper sleeve promo edition that was given away for promotional purposes.

Their albums are available digitally on many digital music stores, including iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music. Streaming music users are not left behind either, and will be delighted to know that they can stream all the music of Junkstars on their favourite streaming platforms, like Spotify and

It’s very convenient to have all the information about all the Junkstars’ albums at your fingertips without needing to look it up yourself, including information on the different editions. So here’s a comprehensive list of all the tracks in all their albums:

With A Twist Of Lemon (2012)

Editions: CD – Tracklist:

  • Travelling
  • Jane In A Box
  • Bang Bang Baby Bang
  • 3000 Miles
  • Rock Bottom
  • Little Girl
  • Fuck Me I’m Famous
  • Impala
  • Shake
  • Black Gold
  • Thrill Me or Kill Me

French Hot Dog (2013)

Editions: CD and LP – Tracklist:

  • First Time I Heard The Clash
  • Satan Inside
  • Old School
  • Fucked Forever
  • You Are a Knockout
  • Black Devil
  • Cry Baby
  • Go to Hell
  • Belladonna
  • Good Time

This Means War (2015)

Editions: CD, paper sleeve non-commercial promo CD, limited edition green vinyl LP


  • Kill The Ravens
  • Romance Of Death
  • Monster Blood
  • Snakebites
  • Old Mans Dead House
  • Hometown
  • Unrighteous Grave
  • Chamber Of Suffering
  • This Means War

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