Junkstars and the Swedish New Wave

Good bands never emerge in isolation, and the same is true of Junkstars. Although they are a stellar example of the New Wave of glam and sleaze, there have been great bands that have gone before them to pave the way for this new retro sound.

Born more out of a pervasive sentiment than a musical style, the Swedish New Wave can be seen as a direct resurgence of the glam metal and sleazy rock bands of the 80s and 90s. In an age where retro is cool again, it was only a matter of time before big hair and big attitude made a comeback. OK, not so much the hair, but definitely the attitude.

This spirit is most famously embodied by bands like Guns n’ Roses, Whitesnake and Motörhead before them. These bands continued to make music and live the hard-partying rock life long after they were no longer fashionable, and their resilience and survival into the present century are perhaps the one great reason why their spirit is being recaptured by a new wave of Swedish bands. One must also not underestimate the influence that parody bands like Steel Panther had on popularising this type of music again.

Perhaps it’s the remoteness of Scandinavia that has been the biggest contributor to this scene making such a big comeback. Its isolation from the mainstream centres of music in the UK and central Europe, and even the United States much further afield, has given it an opportunity to do their own thing, and for once become the leader of a new blend of old and new.

As a happy middle ground between pop and the more famous Scandinavian metal scene, glam rock and sleazy music can be seen as a much more accessible product to stand alongside venerable exports such as IKEA, and promises to inspire a new generation of music lovers.

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