Junkstars on Tour

Junkstars have been spreading their punk and rock & roll love child sound throughout Europe since 2012. They started small, taking the bars in their native Stockholm, Sweden by storm. It is here that they recently became the last band ever to play in the legendary Harry B James bar in Stockholm before this venue, that has played host to a comprehensive list of legendary bands, closed its doors forever.

After two years of kicking ass in Sweden, Junkstars followed up the release of their second album, 2013’s French Hot Dog, with their very first European tour. On this tour, they supported the legendary all-female Swedish hard rock band Crucified Barbara, who split up in 2016 after 18 years of kicking ass, as well as the Danish rock & roll band Supercharger.

In 2015, they toured Europe again with two other Swedish bands, this time alongside hard rock band Heavy Tiger as a support act to veteran Swedish sleaze rock band Backyard Babies. The tour included four dates in Germany, one in Austria, two in Switzerland, one in Italy, two in Spain, one in France, and then back to Germany for one, ending with one show in the Netherlands, before crossing the English Channel for a final stint of four concerts in the United Kingdom.

They followed this tour up in January 2016 with a gig in Norway, again with Backyard Babies, before heading back to Sweden for a solo tour. In February of 2016, they announced another four dates in Finland, again in support of the Backyard Babies.

They went into the summer kicking it hard at two Swedish rock festivals, first the Göteborg Rockfest in Gothenburg in May 2016, and then Skogsröjet in Rejmyre in August 2016.

After this, they were quiet for a while until their gig at Harry B James in January 2017, followed by another lengthy break. Will they surprise us with a new album soon? Let’s hope so!

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