Kick-ass Junkstars Merchandise

Картинки по запросу JunkstarsAny self-respecting band needs merchandise nowadays. Why? That’s because every hardcore fan wants to show up at a gig of their favourite band wearing a t-shirt with the band’s logo on it. Fans want to show off their fandom, and it’s the responsibility of the band to give their fans the ability to do so. But there’s also another far more important reason to sell merchandise at gigs and on the internet. Nowadays, bands don’t earn a lot of money from their recorded music labels. Gone are the days when bands could afford to live the rock and roll lifestyle like Guns ‘n’ Roses did back in the 80s. That’s because back then rock was huge, and record labels gave bands massive advances to record an album. The bands would sell out stadiums, and their albums would sell in the millions.

In the age of the internet and digital home recording, it has become easier than ever for a band to record a demo and share it with the world, but it’s so much harder to get noticed. Add to the mix, the proliferation of streaming platforms such as Spotify through which bands earn a pittance for thousands of streams, and it becomes clear that the music itself does not pay the bills anymore. In fact, the music is a retail term, a loss leader. It is used as an incentive to sell other products, such as merchandise and concert tickets. Keep in mind that the record label will not pay the band a single cent until their advance is recovered from album sales, and it becomes clear that the band needs to perform and sell shit in order to eat.

You can do your bit to help Junkstars put food on the table by buying caps, posters, t-shirts, pins, patches, and bags from the Despotz Records online store.

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