The Members of Junkstars

The three members of the hot-as-fuck Swedish punk rock & roll band Junkstars are the best people in the world, because they’re Swedish, and because they rock very hard. They bring something unique to the music world because of their Nordic individuality, and each of them is also pretty damn good with their instrument. They usually go simply by their nicknames, Max, Bronxen, and Matte, but you can get to know them a little bit better here.

Max “Max” Malmquist – Vocals and Guitar

Let’s first meet the lead singer and guitarist of the trio, Max “Max” Malmquist. He is the only one in the band without a real nickname, so to avoid confusion, everyone calls him by his real name, Max. He has a powerful punk growl to his voice and writes songs like a machine. Beer goes in one end, and songs come out of the other.

Tobbe “Bronxen” Ljungqvist – Bass and Backing Vocals

Tobbe “Bronxen” Ljungqvist, or just Bronxen, reckons that he is the funniest bass player in Europe. While no one apart from the band themselves can verify if this is a fact or just an opinion, no one can deny that he has some solid bass chops to help drive the rhythm of Junkstars’ infectious songs. He also parties very hard, and once, while on a tour, woke up naked and alone in the middle of the tour bus!

Mathias “Matte” Wanneberg – Drums

The groove machine Mathias “Matte” Wanneberg plays the drums hard. Matte is also set to marry Max’s sister. Is that a good idea or not? Will everyone be OK with that, or is she going to become the band’s Yoko Ono and drive them apart due to creative and ideological differences? Who knows, but maybe such a split can be the catalyst for a series of promising solo careers.

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