When Punk and Rock Collide

Junkstars has a very old school feeling to their sound. It is very reminiscent of the punk sound that emerged from the legendary Warped Tour in the mid-90s, echoing the sound of legendary 90s punk bands such as The Offspring, but infused with a healthy dose of fun-filled classic rock and roll. In fact, these Swedes often refer to their sound as “punk ‘n roll”, or even “Johnny Cash on speed”.

Their old school roots should come as no surprise. The emerging fashion over the last decade or so has been for anything retro to make a serious comeback. The 80s and 90s fashion is back, and so is anything old, used and vintage, and vinyl records, once discarded in favour of the compact disc, has made a huge resurgence. Along with that, there is also a new wave of glam and sleaze, of which Sweden has emerged as the world capital. It is therefore only natural that Junkstars would join this scene while imparting on it their own unique mix of styles that have come before.

The punk spirit started by the Sex Pistols back in the 70s — that of anarchy and anti-establishment values — eroded quickly when the subculture started to outgrow the music. But thankfully the music remained and evolved, giving rise the skate punk sound of the 90s — a rebellious kickback against the monotony of suburban life. But instead of taking itself too seriously and imploding under the weight of its own ideological ends, there was a sense of free-spirited fun that lingered in the wake of changing tastes. Add to this the risqué sexiness of rock and roll that had 50s and 60s parents up in arms, and you have the ideal combination of sounds to bring a sense of we-don’t-give-a-fuck anarchy to the 21st century, while staying true to their musical roots.

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